Association of Benedictine Retreat Centers

Fostering the Benedictine Charism in Retreat Ministry

Biennial Conference

2017 ABRC Conference

Inside Out: Communicating the Mission
at Our Retreat Centers

August 21 (Travel day) – 24(travel day), 2017
Khoury House @ Subiaco Abbey
Subiaco, Ark

Presenter: Sr. Lisa Maurer OSB, Mission Integration Director for
Benedictine Health System in Duluth, MN

2015 ABRC Conference


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2013 ABRC Conference in Review

All Are Welcome:
Extending Hospitality To Those On The Margins

St. Benedict's Retreat Center, Benet Lake, WI

Aug. 22-25, 2013

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Lesbian and Gay Catholics: What Does the Church Say About Them? by Fr. Bob Pierson

Retreat Centers as Wildlife Sanctuaries: Safe Shelter for Endangered Spirits by Prof. M. Sheila Nelson

Marriage and Remarriage: A Pastoral Response by Rev. Charles Schramm


Insights from Prison Ministry with S. Kathleen Atkinson OSB

Ministry to Non-present Young Adults: Exploring Lessons from Taizé with Sam Rahberg

Personal Testimony from the Margins with Carol and Fred Weber with Micahel John Weber


St. Benedict's Retreat Center
Benet Lake, Wisconsin


2011 ABRC Conference Highlights
Sharing Benedictine Peace in a Divided Church

August 18-21, 2011
Sophia Center of
Mount St. Scholastica, Atchison, KS

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In August of 2011 the Association of Benedictine Retreat Centers (ABRC) gathered at the Sophia Center of Mt. St. Scholastica Monastery in Atchison, Kansas. Over thirty participants represented more than twenty different centers. Together we engaged the topic "Sharing Benedictine Peace in a Divided Church."


The 2011 ABRC conference participants appreciated:


"Reconnecting w/deep thought on the Benedictine charism and hearing how our stories overlap"


"Interaction and wisdom shared about solving and addressing common issues"


"a theme big enough to lift our eyes and shore up our hope"


Highlights included...


  • S. Irene Nowell's keynote address and discussion about the tensions that Scripture itself holds. We are confident that it is the Word of God. We are humbled that it is the Word of God in human words. We are flexible because we trust that it is a living Word.
  • S. Mary Collins' keynote address and discussion about the sharing peace in a divided Church held up the truth that it is fear the problem is not God; the problem is our lack of trust. It is our fears that keep us divided and prevent us from having conversation
  • Facilitated conversations around Risk Management, Keeping the Peace Between Retreat Center's and Monastic Communities, and Fostering a Peacefulness in Our Ministries
  • Hearing the best Benedictine idea shared by each center
  • Prayer together and time for leisure

Participants said,


"I'm leaving with renewed energy."


"This was restful and yet productive, too!"


Special thanks to the staff of the Sophia Center and the Sisters of Mt. St. Scholastica Monastery for their shining example of Benedictine hospitality.